Creative Shots – Your Source for More in Mackay

As a Member with Creative Shots Photo Club, you get:


More Expertise. 

  • We’re all about helping new and upcoming photographers learn by joining in all the best tips and tricks for the trade.  We’re a group of like-minded photographers who enjoy teaching others.
  • You’ll learn from experience with the help and expertise of other people who love photography just as much as you do.  Who wouldn’t want to become a part of that?

More Camaraderie

  • Our members are passionate, fun-loving enthusiasts with various levels of experience.  From curious hobbyists to experienced professionals, we offer a little something for everyone in our photo club.  That means you’ll get the camaraderie and support you need to continue developing your own skills while learning from each other.

More Fun

  • The Creative Shots Photo Club really boils down to one very important goal – fun!  Whether you’re enjoying workshops, meet-ups or location shoots, we’ll help you have a good time.  And that fun will translate into all sorts of great memories you’ll treasure for years to come.


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