Each year, Creative Shots Photo Club holds a
‘People’s Choice’ Exhibition
Our members display their printed images for the
public to enjoy but more importantly to ‘vote’ for their favourite.
The theme for 2020’s Exhibition is …


Every Picture Tells A Story

On show December 2020 to January 2021

Gordon White Library, North Mackay

What does telling a story through photography look like? It’s taking an image that impacts the viewer. It’s creating an image that evokes a certain feeling. Perhaps it’s a feeling of remembrance, or a memory forgotten. A storytelling image has real power to evoke change in a viewer.

Creative Shots Photo Club members will be showcasing their story telling through pictures and you the public can vote on the most outstanding image. Does it engage with people and places? Does it stir conversation? Is it an authentic image of daily life? The winning entry won’t be just a pretty picture, it will be a true representative view of the world.

So please come along and spend time immersing yourself in ideas and inspiration and cast your vote for the image that you relate to the most. We’d love to see you there.

The Great Escape by Michele Jackson

Contemplation by Marian Moyle

Black Kite by Leigh de Wit