Creative Shots Photo Club and Camera Club Mackay

What We Offer

The Creative Shots Photo Club brings you all sorts of wonderful benefits when you join.  For one, our monthly meeting provides a regularly scheduled meet-up where we discuss all the new and exciting activities, events, and other opportunities available to members.  You will find that no matter what level of photographer you are, you will always learn something new by being around others that share your similar interest of photography.


We love to take outings all across Mackay – and sometimes beyond!  Outings give you the opportunity to meet up, practise your craft in a variety of settings – and get even more experience.  We try to have a monthly outing to allow our members a chance to photograph something or somewhere that they might not have before.  Sometimes we just revisit a spot or type of photography we want to try to perfect.  We cover a variety photography topics to allow our members the chance to photograph what they love but also giving them the chance to try something new.  Often we manage to include a lunch or tea at the end of our outing to share some laughs and stories from the outing.  A few times a year we try to organise a weekend getaway to spend a few days together photographing, learning from each other and sharing time with people who all love photography.  We are your source for more.  As a Member we’ll keep you busy with a variety of photography activities.

If you’re interested in becoming a member download the Membership Application Form or contact us today at to learn more about the club.